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Father’s Day Gift Ideas on a Budget!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas on a Budget!

Dad is the man who will always be there for you and your family no matter how hard life can be, so express your appreciation this Father's Day with a gift that will surprise and delight him. Check out some fun and meaningful gift ideas that won't break your bank account below.

A Book

A book full of stories, letters, poems and anecdotes that your dad has written or collected over the years is a meaningful keepsake that he will always treasure. This book can be something simple like a collection of childhood memories or something more complex like a handwritten journal of all his adventures.

Photo Collage

Compile all the photos from one event or time in your father's life into a wonderful photo collage - it doesn't have to be big, but it will certainly mean the world to him.

Homemade Buttons

Create a series of buttons with simple sayings, doodles and images that sum up the special relationship you have with your father. Hang these buttons around the house for him to discover as he walks around.

Special Jewelry

Wear a piece of jewelry that's one-of-a-kind - a custom piece that only he will ever wear. This can be a ring, necklace or bracelet made from his favorite material and filled with special meaning.

Song Albums

If your dad is anything like mine, he has dozens of CDs in his collection, but he only ever plays the same handful of them over and over again. Ditch the singles and get him a box set that includes his favorite songs for him to listen to again and again.

Family Perfumes

Mix oils from all your family members in to create a custom perfume specifically for your dad.

A Heartfelt Poem

Having trouble writing a gift for your father? Always feel like you aren't good enough, or that you don't have anything insightful to say? Give your dad an opportunity to share some of his deepest feelings by getting him a heart-felt poem written just as it is in his own words.

Family Photos

A framed photo is one of the best gifts. These are always sentimental and special, and you'll know exactly where every one of them has gone when your dad passes away!

An Album of His Favorite Songs

As above, get a box set full of all his favorite songs. Dad will have the perfect soundtrack to his life as he listens to his favorite tunes over and over again.

Posted on Jun 10, 2013, in Father's Day, Money Saving Tips

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