As the summer season winds down, the start of a new school year is fast approaching. If you are a college freshman or an upperclassman, going away to college is an exciting time in your life. It is also the time to go back to school shopping!  Here are some ideas on how you can save money when stocking up for school.


Save money by going through your school supplies from last year and figuring out what will still work for you this year. Buying a fresh binder with no scratches on it or a new set of color pencils is nice, but it is not completely necessary. Notebooks, mechanical pencils and calculators can all be reused! Don’t throw away your supplies just because you used them for a semester. Not only is it good for your wallet to reuse your old things, but it is also good for the planet!

Buy Used

College textbooks can be one of your biggest expenses, yet you can’t go without them. Buying used books can save you a fortune, and often, the books are in good condition. Just remember to make sure you’re purchasing the correct edition required for class. Although you may be tempted to just pick up used books from your bookstore, you might be able to find better prices online. Check EBay, Amazon or (which is basically EBay without the bidding)!


Rent your textbooks and save money! With Amazon’s flexible rental program, you can keep your textbooks for a semester. When it comes time to send your books back, they will pay for return shipping. All of this means more money in your pocket for the things in life that can’t be learned from a book!

Tax Free Weekend

Get your back to school clothing during Iowa’s tax free weekend this Friday August 2nd through Saturday August 3rd! One must-do before heading to the mall this weekend is to study the list of tax free and taxable items. Don’t miss your chance to save some cash and put more in your closet without giving more to government!


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