In honor of Throw Back Thursday, I thought I’d bring back some flicks from the 90’s! Below in no particular order, because let’s face it, pretty much all of these shows deserve to be number one, are my Top 10 Nickelodeon Shows of the 90’s. Who remembers these treasures?

1. Doug

2. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
This show still scares me……..

3. Salute Your Shorts
Camp Anawanna anyone?

4. Wild and Crazy Kids

5. What Would You Do?

6. Rocko’s Modern Life

7. Hey Arnold!

8. Clarissa Explains It All

9. Rugrats

10. The Secret World of Alex Mack

I truly feel bad for the current generation of kids. They are missing out on the best shows of all time. If only Nickelodeon would bring these back during primetime hours…… one can wish. Enjoy!

Until Next Time,

Jessica M.

2 replies on “10 Best Nickelodeon Shows of All Time #TBT

  1. That may be the greatest list ever, although you forgot Hey Dude!, Legends of the Hidden Temple and Guts. (Honorable mentions Angry Beavers and Pete and Pete)

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