Your Voice. These two words put together have such a powerful meaning. What Your Voice means to me is different than what it means to you though. For me, Your Voice is about speaking up and having a say in my financial future…..

It’s about having control of my finances, not letting my finances control me.

It’s about making mistakes.

It’s about setting goals and achieving them.

It’s about speaking up for what I believe in.

It’s about getting a student loan, my first credit card, my first car and my first home.

It’s about being financially independent.

It’s knowing the difference between a Credit Union and a Bank and choosing what’s best for me.

It’s about being me.

Credit unions put people before profits. Credit unions believe in you and your dreams. At Community 1st Credit Union we believe in helping you become a better you. Your Voice is designed to help the 25 and under crowd become better educated with their finances. We want you to be financially savvy while speaking up about things that matter to you. Get educated and take control. Your voice matters.


What does Your Voice mean to you?


Until Next Time,

Jessica M.


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