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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and with that comes family time, vacation and lots and lots of food! Though feasting is a lot of fun, it isn’t always cheap. Whether you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or making a dish, I’ve got some helpful tips for you to save money on food this Thanksgiving!

Plan Ahead
Instead of going to the grocery store and buying whatever comes to mind, take time to plan out your meal. Know what you want to make, the specific ingredients for that meal, and plan accordingly. This will help prevent impulse shopping and excessive buying!

Make More of What Costs Less
Turkey, ham, ribs…. Yes they are all very delicious but they are also pretty expensive! Make more of the items that cost less such as stuffing or mashed potatoes. At my Thanksgiving dinner, the food that goes first is usually my grandma’s delicious cheesy potatoes. These are cheap yet a big hit! Save money by doubling the batch of your most popular inexpensive dish. Your guests will be thrilled and so will your wallet!

Use Coupons
Now I am not an avid coupon user like you see on “Extreme Couponing,” but sometimes they can really get the job done! Whatever you can do to save a dollar, I’m all for it! Before you start buying the ingredients for whatever it is you’re making, check to see if there’s any coupons in this week’s paper. Chances are there will be coupons for that lovely dish you are making! What an easy way to save a few extra dollars!

For my family’s Thanksgiving dinner we usually BYOD (bring your own dish). Although I’m sure my mother would love to whip up everything by herself, this saves a lot of time, stress and money! Ask your relatives to bring a side dish to help spice up this year’s feast. More options= a better meal! Enjoy!

Take Advantage of Leftovers
Don’t let all that food go to waste! Instead, enjoy those leftovers for a few days after Thanksgiving or send some Tupperware full of goodies home with your guests!

With those tips I hope you are able to prepare a delicious yet budget friendly Thanksgiving meal! Good luck and happy holidays!

Until Next Time,

Jessica M.

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