Confession: I’ve spent the last couple of years spending way too much money on decorations, and useful items you can find lying around the house . And while it’s still nice to go shopping for new stuff, I’ve stumbled across a couple of simple and money-saving DIY ways to keep you and your home looking wonderful without breaking the bank.

The term “Do-it-yourself” has become increasingly popular for us 20-something’s over the last few years. It is an attitude of self-empowerment and openness to learning. Do-it-yourselfers include those who build and fix things, cook “from scratch,” make clothes, crafts, decorations, and so much more. Plus, when you do it yourself, you might just discover new talents in yourself that you never knew you had. Check out some fun ideas below:


Sharpie Mugs

Make a Sharpie Mug



Nail Polish Key Covers

Nail Polish Key Covers

Flat Iron Travel Case

Make a Travel Flat Iron Holder Out of a Pot Holder


Window Shutter as a Mail Holder

Use a Window Shutter as a Mail Holder


Inexpensive Frames Turned into Chalkboards

Buy inexpensive frames, paint the frame, and paint the glass with chalkboard paint.

Scrabble Coasters

Scrabble coasters...with bad words or good :) what themes would u do?

For some creative and cheap DIY College/Apartment decoration ideas… Click here!

Do you have any DIY tips or tricks for young adults? Share with us in a comment below!


Until Next Time,

Jessica M.

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