Hey Everyone,

So we have been hearing a lot about this recent “Heartbleed Bug” that has taken over the internet. But do you really know what it is or how it can affect you and your personal information?

Basically, this bug can scrape a server’s memory, where sensitive user data is stored. One encryption technology used to provide this security—OpenSSL—is now known to have vulnerabilities that could put your personal information at risk. Sites that have this bug are vulnerable to hackers who can then steal secure information like usernames, credit card information and passwords. If you have logged into any of the affected sites over the past two years it is possible that your account information could be compromised.

So What Should You Do?

1. Check which sites you use are affected. Here is an updated list of popular sites that were affected by the Heartbleed Bug.

2. Change your passwords for major accounts — email, banking and social media logins — on sites that were affected by Heartbleed but patched the problem. However, if the site or service hasn’t patched the flaw yet, there’s no point to changing your password. Instead, ask the company when it expects to push out a fix to deal with Heartbleed.

3. Make sure to keep an eye on sensitive online accounts, especially banking and email, for suspicious activity for the next week or so.



For more information about this internet hack, view the links below!






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