Alright ladies, this one is for you! We can all agree — there is something deeply satisfying about saving money, no matter how small the amount. Now imagine snagging your favorite beauty essentials for a fraction of the price. Sounds intriguing, right? This past year I was really into trying the best skin, beauty and hair care products that I could find for an affordable price. I read many blogs and watched tons of YouTube videos for tips on which products to use, and finally I found the perfect source. (Thanks to my coworker!)

Meet Nicole Guerriero. She is a beauty vlogger( video blogger) who has been on YouTube for about four years now, and she has done nothing but inspire me. From hair tutorials to make up tips, she has done it all. Plus, she was the winner in the Ryan Seacrest Beauty Guru Contest and her channel now has more than 1.2 million subscribers. The best thing about her is that she finds top quality products for an affordable price, and shares them with all of her viewers.

If you are someone who likes trying new products while sticking to a budget, check out her YouTube channel! Below is one of her most recent videos, Top 20 Beauty Products Under $20!

Other vloggers worth mentioning are Jaclyn Hill and Zoe Sugg. For more beauty expert videos, check out this link I found on Buzzfeed.


What budget friendly beauty products do you recommend? Please share with us in a comment below!


Until Next Time,

Jessica M.

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