It really doesn’t matter how well off you are, it’s pretty safe to say that all of us could probably be a little better about saving some of our hard-earned cash instead of spending it every chance we get. Now don’t get me wrong,  having nice things, taking vacations, and dining out a few times a week is fun, but having money set aside for emergencies is definitely something we should all work toward.

However, when it comes to just how far some people will go to save a few bucks,  let’s just say some of us are a bit more creative about it than others. While there are plenty of us who are comfortable with the recommended “10 percent of your paycheck goes into savings” rule, that simply isn’t financially realistic for everyone.

So my question to you: What are some crazy things you have done to save a few extra bucks?

Please leave your answer in a comment below!


Happy Friday Everyone!


Until Next Time,

Jessica M.

One thought on “Question of the Day: What Crazy Things Have You Done to Save a Few Bucks?

  1. I like to reuse my sandwich baggies and tin foil. I wash the bags and turn them inside out to dry and I wash the tin foil and lay it flat to dry. I do throw away the ones that came into contact with raw meat. 😉

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